HELPAC has been cultivating the benefits of plants since 1988!

More than 30 years ago, HELPAC chose the Livradois-Forez Nature Park, a region of pristine natural beauty and impressive floral diversity, to set up its business. HELPAC offers bulk raw materials and develops “De Saint-Hilaire” brand products made at the distillery in Saint-Hilaire and the laboratory in Auzon.

Producer - Distiller since 1988

Distillery De Saint-Hilaire

The De Saint-Hilaire distillery has developed a unique azeotropic distillation process that takes place at low pressure and low temperature (88°) to extract all the right molecules from the plants.
This method guarantees extremely high quality chemotyped essential oils with an outstandingly high vibratory frequency. The De Saint-Hilaire distillery turns some plants into natural organic ingredients for laboratories and for manufacturing its own beauty care products.

Our main supplier: Mother Nature

Organic essential oils De Saint-Hilaire

HELPAC has forged partnerships with local pickers and farmers, who are all certified organic and guarantee the origin, sustainability, organic status and quality of their plant resources.
The medicinal and aromatic plants are delivered to the De Saint-Hilaire distillery where they are dried, distilled or macerated. They are then packaged on-site into different sized bottles or used as constituents in our cosmetic products.

One of our prime assets: in-depth market knowledge thanks to a very wide customer spectrum.

Distillery De Saint-Hilaire

We are in direct contact with wholesalers, cosmetics laboratories, central buying offices, retail stores, therapists, export customers and a private clientele. This is why we offer every type of package the market requires, from 5 ml vials all the way to 1,000-litre containers.

Our strength: a laboratory serving quality and your projects.

Laboratory De Saint-Hilaire

All our essential oils undergo stringent testing (visual, olfactory, chromatographic and pesticides). In addition to providing the quality and regulatory documents you will ever need (bacteriological analyses, chromatography, MSDS, product data sheets, etc.), our laboratory, which manufactures “De Saint-Hilaire” brand products, can also provide formulation services for your own cosmetic products brand and prepare your regulatory documentation.