cultivates the benefits of plants since 1988 !

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  • HELPAC it is also the brand De Saint Hilaire
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cultivating the benefits of plants since 1988!

The new facility in Auzon
The new facility in Auzon

In 1988, the pioneering organic aromatherapy and gemmotherapy specialists HELPAC opened its production site in the Livradois-Forez Nature Park, high in the pristine central plateau of the Auvergne. This region of France is blessed with an unspoilt natural heritage and vast botanical diversity supporting a wide range of organically grown plants.

HELPAC produces essential oils (Aromatherapy), mother macerates of buds (Gemmotherapy), aromatic hydrosols, vegetable oils and oily macerates, in addition to organic beauty and care products.

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Producer - distiller since 1988

HELPAC controls all stages of production, from organically growing its own plants to processing them: low temperature distillation to produce Essential oils and Aromatic hydrosols, macerating buds and shoots for Gemmotherapy, first cold pressing for vegetable oils and oily maceration for flowers and plants.

Certifications and awards

All HELPAC products are organic, certified by ECOCERT FR-BIO-01. The AB label (the French Agriculture Biologique organic standard) and the European organic logo guarantee that the products you buy are 100% organic, or contain at least 95% organically farmed produce in the case of processed products.

HELPAC applies GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards.

Cosmetic products by De Saint Hilaire have been awarded the “Slow Cosmétique” label: guaranteed 100% natural, free from synthetic substances and compounds harmful to health and the environment.

HELPAC is your guarantee of total transparency regarding its production methods and total product traceability.
All our home fragrances are certified by Ecocert, the leading French organic certification body.